About Us

Hermes Academy

The globe is changing. The patterns of doing business are changing. The organisation are changing. Managers are changing. Whether we are a manufacturer, a consumer, a manager or an entrepreneur, we are all "evolving and changing".

In the business world of the Industry 5.0 era we are in, producer-consumer, employer-employee relations have undergone a fundamental change in an irreversible way. Within this environment where we are in a brand new network of relationships, we are willingly or unwillingly abandoning the conventional ways of doing "business". The importance of establishing relationships and communication has never been more important than it is now, both in the way we do business and in providing commercial benefits.

In this "new generation industrial relations network" where employees and consumers have become much more active actors in many processes and their different expectations have developed, we offer boutique solutions to managers, manager candidates and organisations for their current needs. In doing so, we contribute to you with our various services in creating the new generation relations and communication network you need without compromising the universal and humanitarian values taught to us by human history and without ignoring the rules of commercial ethics.

The services we offer as Hermes Academy are under 3 main headings:

I) Management Consulting
II) Trainings for individual certification and human resource development:
- IAS and UKAS Accredited ISO Standards Trainings
- Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills Simulation Workshops
-- Quality Trainings for Service Sector, Protocol and Courtesy Trainings
III) Digital Marketing Consulting & Brand Management



On the way to increase corporate resilience; to provide appropriate solutions to enterprises and institutions that understand the importance of managing risks without sacrificing service quality and to provide appropriate solutions to reach the position they want to reach by taking into account the current needs of businesses and institutions.


To be a pioneer company in the consultancy sector with its unique solution methods and service style by being a companion to enterprises and institutions in the way of ensuring business continuity and creating brand value.


"First, do no harm!" Principle (Primum non nocere)

Counselling is first and foremost an intervention method. Before each intervention for improvement, we analyse what works well in the current situation and design solutions to improve it without causing harm.

Data-Driven Thinking

We develop projects by building all our analyses and solution development processes on data-based, reliable, objective and provable information.


We work in a way to ensure the continuous participation of all relevant stakeholders.

Quality Driven

We aim to provide a service that will meet and exceed the expectations of the enterprises and institutions we serve.

Continuous Advancement

By following the most up-to-date information about our sector, learning from experience and evaluating the story of each of our customers as unique, we always we aim to evolve.