Ayşe Taşpınar

Ayşe Taşpınar

Social Scientist, Quality Management Expert, Entrepreneur. .

(Since she has not yet had the time to actively express herself on social media channels, she has preferred to keep this section a little detailed, as you will rightly want to get to know the founder and CEO of the business you will receive service from...)

She was born in 1987 in Kırklareli/Lüleburgaz. She completed her primary and high school education in the city where she was born. In response to her teacher's warning at a parent-teacher meeting, "This girl is very good at maths, she is making a mistake by planning to study in social sciences at university", she received the support of her family, who said, "Then she will be a social scientist with strong maths skills." She continued her higher education in the field of social sciences, where she still continues her current research. She obtained her bachelor's degree on Political Science and International Relations from Marmara University and her master's degree on Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Sabancı University. She has applied mathematics, her favourite subject, with great pleasure in all the B2G, B2B and B2C areas she has experienced in her professional life. In the age of digitalisation where algorithms and artificial intelligence make their presence felt in almost every field, the increasing importance of blending mathematics with knowledge of history, sociology and anthropology is very exciting for her.

Having a broad social sciences perspective, she aims to contribute to the business world with her own genuine methods. She believes that today's business world requires a blend of knowledge from a broader perspective, in contrast to the ongoing consultancy teachings. While establishing Hermes Academy, she was inspired by the mythological stories of Hermes, who is believed to be the " protector god of trade and merchants" in Ancient Greek mythology and who is also the "god of knowledge". She founded "Hermes Academy" with the desire to guide both her own work and the business people she serves with "the knowledge they need".

In 2019, she started to provide consultancy services in the private sector in Gaziantep province as a Project Implementation Consultant within the scope of a regional development project carried out by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Türkiye) and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the European Union and the World Bank. The fact that this period, when he transitioned from B2G services to B2B services, took place in the city of Gaziantep, located on the historical Silk Road trade route, has made invaluable contributions to her adoption of the spirit of entrepreneurship. She will always be grateful to the business people of Gaziantep for their kindness and modesty. Her experience in this period has motivated her to make larger-scale contributions in the business world.

Currently, although she mainly serves in the B2B and B2G fields, her first experience of commercial world and professional life started in the retail textile sales store of her family members, which has still been in operation for more than 70 years. In addition to the pleasure of fulfilling the small responsibilities assigned to her during school holidays in her childhood and the happiness of daily pocket money, this place was a kind of school where she observed her first customer behaviour, employer-employee-supplier-customer relations.