Management Consulting

The concept of "management" is based on two core elements: distribution of resources and distribution of power.

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The concept of “management” is based on two core elements: distribution of resources and distribution of power.

These two elements must be constantly designed so as to serve the current objectives of your organisation. Whether the organisation you are managing is a private company, a public project or a personal project, the presence of these two core elements applies to all situations. 

When was the last time your management approach and the organisational strategies of your company were designed? Which era’s success stories were inspired by? Or perhaps, what success myths have been clung to that were exciting at the time but are now outdated? 

You are a manager with a CV full of accolades and achievements. Certainly you would like to celebrate your latest great achievement. That is your justifiable right. However, while you are in euphoria of this triumph, are your new competitors in the system using the same tools and forces as you?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur at the very beginning of the road. This may be due to your age, the maturity level of your venture, or the freshness of the sector you have just entered. In this age of technology, where we are exposed to a lot of information that has not been tested for accuracy, which sculpted success suggestions are you listening to and declaring yourself a total failure? By listening to the success stories of others, which have been experienced in the past and have expired, and trying to imitate them, perhaps you are now depriving yourself of many people who need your ideas and products in the future…

In today’s business life where producer-consumer and employer-employee-stakeholder relations are irreversibly transformed, we offer you consultancy services from a 360-degree perspective in order to perform your managerial role adequately, to keep your sectoral knowledge up-to-date and to reach your goals in the most efficient and simple ways. 

No matter how competent you are in your area of expertise, you will always move forward with much stronger steps with an impartial eye from the outside. 

What matters is not the power or assets you have. It is all about how you manage them. 

In order to inspire you while designing our consultancy packages, our suggestions are as follows:


-Grants for entrepreneurs
-Team building for basic needs (core staff management)
-Creating vision, mission, company constitution
-Integrated Quality Management System installation
-Financial stabilisation
-Marketing =>Market Entry, retention
-Brand positioning
-Networking management
-Negotiation skills


-Financial statement analysis (min. 3 years)
-Financial Effectiveness
-Establishment/update of integrated management systems
-Investment opportunities analysis (risk analysis), Government Grants
-Marketplace analysis (foreign trade and/or e-commerce entry services)
-Network management, Group management
-Remote team management
-Hybrid operation
-Facility Management, physical space organisation
-Social and Environmental Impact Analysis

Productivity (Downsizing)

-Identifying and reducing duplication of work
-Financial statement analysis (min. 5 years)
-System installation for efficiency (energy, environment, etc.)
-Digitalisation & management of hybrid teams
-Renewed job descriptions
-Financial statement analyses
-Identify products and activities with no added value / Withdraw from the market
-Image and reputation management (during market withdrawal phase)
-New workflow plans

Transfer of Management / Handover

-Change of ownership or transfer/change of ownership in family businesses
-Handover management
-Market positioning
-Task handover of teams / system change
-Image and reputation management
-Networking management

Project Management

Apart from the core activities of the enterprise or public institution, activities with a specific duration and specific objective(s) implemented by existing staff or through temporary outsourcing are considered within the scope of "project" (including government incentives and grants).

-Informing the staff about the legal legislation and the demands of stakeholders
-Creating timetables
-Creating task distribution for the project & identifying outsourcing needs
-Work flow plans
-Risk analyses
-Internal and external communication activities
-Exit Strategy

Service Quality

-For the manufacturing sector; Service Quality Risk Analysis studies are presented in the field of B2B for stakeholders and all processes in the supply chain.

- For the services provided in the service sector (health, tourism, finance, public services), Service Quality Risk Analysis studies developed in the field of B2C are presented.

-We conduct service quality risk analyses in the field of B2C in order to increase the performance of the service sector as well as the service departments such as "sales, marketing, human resources" in the manufacturing sector that are in direct contact with the customers. We provide feedback from your customers through various methods and conduct market research.

Introduction to the Turkish Market for Foreign Investors

It includes consultancy activities for foreign investors seeking to enter the market in order to carry out commercial activities in Turkey. It is only available in English.